The 5 Best Places To Get Free Notion Icons In 2023

In today’s digital era, Notion has become an essential productivity tool for many individuals and businesses.

Its ability to compile, organize, and customize information in a visually appealing way has set it apart from other productivity platforms. And one way to enhance the visual appeal of your Notion workspace and Notion templates is by adding icons.

Icons can breathe life into your templates, adding a layer of individuality and enhancing organization by providing visual cues. Whether you prefer static or animated icons in the form of PNG, JPEG, GIF, or SVG, there are a plethora of resources to tap into.

How To Add Custom Icons To Notion

How to add custom icons to Notion

Incorporating custom icons into your Notion pages couldn’t be simpler. You can either upload an icon directly from your computer or insert the link of an image into the paste link area.

To do this, navigate to the page where you’d like to add the icon and click on the default icon next to the title.

In the pop-up menu, select ‘Upload an Image,’ and you can then choose the file you want to upload from your computer.

If you have a web link for an icon, select ‘Link’ and paste the image URL.

The chosen icon will then appear next to your page title, enhancing your Notion workspace’s visual appeal and navigability.

1. Notion VIP – Simple light and dark Notion icons

Notion VIP is a highly curated platform that specializes in enhancing the Notion experience. They provide training for individuals and businesses, teaching them how to leverage the benefits of Notion effectively. Apart from this, they also offer an impressive collection of simple light and dark icons that perfectly fit the aesthetic of Notion.

The website features a switch at the top of the page that allows users to toggle between light and dark mode, ensuring that the icons blend well with your chosen theme. The icons are organized into various categories for easy browsing and selection, making it easier to find the perfect icon that suits your page’s content and mood.

2. Flaticon – The Largest Library of Icons You Can Use For Notion

Flaticon - A great library for Notion icons

Flaticon is a virtual treasure trove of icons, boasting millions of free icons that users can download in PNG or SVG format. If you’re looking to add a dynamic touch to your Notion pages, Flaticon also offers a collection of animated icons that can be downloaded as GIFs.

What sets Flaticon apart is the customization options it offers. Before downloading, users can modify the colors of the icons to align with their Notion color scheme. This feature ensures a consistent aesthetic throughout your Notion workspace. If you’re looking for icons with a cohesive look, Flaticon provides themed packs that include multiple icons in the same style – be it aesthetic, cute, or business-oriented.

3. – 8,000 Easy to search aesthetic icons for Notion free notion icons

Notion Icons is a user-friendly platform developed by a small team passionate about making the Notion experience even better. With over 8,000 icons sourced from multiple libraries, it offers an extensive selection for Notion users.

What makes Notion Icons stand out is its search functionality and customization options. Users can easily find the icons they need and modify the color and stroke width to fit their specific requirements. Once you’re satisfied with your customized icon, simply copy the link and paste it into your Notion page.

4. – Simple and elegant light and dark themed Notion icons offers a set of simple yet elegant light and dark-themed icons designed to blend seamlessly with Notion’s aesthetic. Like Notion VIP, also features a switch to toggle between light and dark modes, providing versatility in icon selection based on your chosen Notion theme. supports a quick search function (CTRL/CMD + F) that allows users to find their ideal icon swiftly. With one click on your selected icon, the link is copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted into Notion.

5. Lordicon – The Best For Animated GIF Notion Icons

If you’re looking for animated icons to make your Notion pages stand out, Lordicon is the place to go. They offer a stunning collection of 1,500 free animated icons and an even larger array of 7,500 premium ones.

Animated icons can make a page much more noticeable and engaging, but to maintain a balanced look, it’s best to use them on special pages. Moreover, Lordicon allows you to edit the colors of the icons to match your Notion template themes, ensuring a harmonious visual blend in your workspace.


In conclusion, icons are a small but powerful tool to personalize and organize your Notion workspace. Whether you’re looking for something simple and minimalistic or vibrant and animated, these resources are a great starting point to find icons that fit your aesthetic and functional needs. So go ahead, start exploring, and bring your Notion workspace to life with these free icons!

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