Notion Home Renovation Template (FREE)

Home Renovation

Elevate Your Renovation Plans with Our Free Notion Home Renovation Template

Introducing a comprehensive solution to simplify your home renovation planning: our Notion template. With an emphasis on construction management and project management, our template is crafted to ensure your renovations are well-organized and efficient.

  • Centralize all project details, from task lists to expenses.
  • Visualize your renovation timeline with our gantt view.
  • Manage costs effectively, keeping tabs on your budget.
  • Collate contractor details and link them to projects.
  • Inspire your renovation design by curating a mood board.

With our template, you’ll be poised to manage your home renovation like a pro.

How to Use Our Notion Home Renovation Template

Setting Up Projects

Types of Tasks:

  • Parent Task (📁 icon):
    • For each primary component of your renovation.
    • Assign budgets and monitor discrepancies effortlessly.
  • Sub Task (⚪ icon):
    • Detail every individual job under the Parent Task.
    • Track expenses for each action or job.

Mastering the Timeline View:

  • Chart out the start and end dates for every task.
  • Designate dependencies to ensure tasks are completed in the right sequence.
  • Organize your project visually with a gantt timeline view.

Managing Expenses Efficiently:

  • Log every penny spent and maintain budget clarity.
  • Store photos of receipts for easy reference.
  • Link expenses to projects and contractors for seamless oversight.

Contractor Details at Your Fingertips:

  • Store all contractor details in one place.
  • Record specializations, contact info, and more.
  • Sync contractors to their corresponding invoices and projects.

Design Your Dream Home with the Mood Board:

  • Consolidate design ideas and sources of inspiration.
  • Incorporate images, color palettes, and design notes.

FAQ: How to Use the Template

How can I assign a budget to my renovation components?

Use the Parent Task (📁 icon) for each main project component. Here, you can set a budget, and the template will automatically show the variance between estimated and actual costs.

Can I see a timeline of my renovation project?

Yes, using the Timeline View, set a start and end date for each Parent and Sub Task. You can also organize it in a gantt timeline view for a comprehensive visual of your project.

How can I track my expenses?

For every cost, make an entry and attach a photo of the receipt. You can also link the expense to the specific project or contractor for detailed tracking.

How do I add contractor details?

A: Create an entry for each contractor, including contact information and area of expertise. These details can be linked to relevant projects and expenses for streamlined tracking.

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