How to create Notion covers with Midjourney

Creating personalized Notion covers just got a whole lot easier with Midjourney. Imagine this, you’ve just crafted a magnificent Notion template, and the thought of using standard stock images simply doesn’t do justice to your design efforts. Plus, finding images that complement Notion’s unique wide aspect ratio often feels like a never-ending quest.

What if there was a solution to this? Enter Midjourney – an AI-powered tool designed to create breathtaking images that perfectly fit Notion’s layout.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on a journey through the process of generating not only aptly sized, but truly beautiful cover images tailored specifically for your Notion templates. To top it all off, I’ll be sharing 50 of my favorite examples to inspire you at the end of this post. Let’s get started on this creative adventure.

What is Notion

Notion is a versatile productivity application that merges the features of note-taking, database handling, project management, and task scheduling into one unified platform. It is praised for its modular layout that allows users to personalize their workspace according to their specific needs. With Notion, users can build and customize pages, creating their own unique toolkit of productivity resources. Its expansive utility makes it popular across a wide range of users, from individual freelancers to large enterprises, each user finding a unique way to make Notion’s versatile features serve their purpose.

What is Midjourney

Midjourney stands as a remarkable generative AI, capable of transforming textual prompts into striking images. Despite being one of many emerging image-generating AIs, it’s emerged as a significant player alongside giants like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

What sets Midjourney apart is its capacity to generate high-quality images using basic text prompts via the Discord chat app. Unlike most competitors offering limited free image generations, Midjourney requires a minimal fee, but the ease of use and results justify this expense.

The platform’s accessibility and low entry barrier allow users to create compelling images in mere minutes. These images, depending on the prompt, can range from surreal to visually mesmerizing, and have even duped experts in photography and similar domains.

While DALL-E is backed by OpenAI, Midjourney thrives as an independent, self-funded project without any external investment. Despite its humble origins, Midjourney impressively holds its own in terms of result quality.

Suggested Notion Cover Image Dimensions

To enhance the visual appearance of your Notion workspace, it’s essential to use the correct image sizes for your covers. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right dimensions and aspect ratios for various devices, ensuring your workspace leaves a memorable impact.

Mobile: Green, Blue & Yellow

Laptop with sidebar: Green, Blue, Purple & Gray

Laptop & iPad Landscape without sidebar: Green & Purple

iPad Landscape with sidebar & iPad portrait: Green, Blue, Purple and Gray. Depending on screen size – Yellow & Orange.

Notion Cover Image Size to Cover Most Screen Sizes

The ideal size to cover most screen sizes is 1500px by 300px. This gives a great 5:1 ratio and is easy to generate images in this size.

Notion Cover Image Size for Desktop App with Sidebar

To boost the aesthetics of your Notion workspace on a desktop app with a sidebar, it’s optimal to employ a cover image size of 1545px by 300px. This will ensure your visuals or custom cover banners harmonize perfectly with your workspace’s theme.

Notion Cover Image Dimensions for Desktop App without Sidebar

In instances where the sidebar is hidden on the desktop app, adjust your cover image size to 1800px by 300px. This alteration perfectly fits the wider screen, enhancing the appeal of your Notion workspace.

Notion Cover Image Sizes for Web Use with Sidebar

If you’re using Notion on the web with a visible sidebar, the recommended header image size is 1545px by 300px. Be mindful to position key details within a 1150px by 190px area of the full cover image to prevent any cropping on the web browser.

Notion Cover Image Size for Web Use without Sidebar

When operating without a sidebar on the web, resizing your cover image to 1800px by 300px is crucial. If you’re using an ultra-wide screen, you may want to increase the width by 2x or 3x depending on your screen resolution.

Notion Cover Image Dimensions on Mobile Devices

Given the variable resolutions of mobile devices, there are no one-size-fits-all dimensions. However, it’s advisable to confine essential information within dimensions of 585px by 300px for pages without icons, and 585px by 190px for pages with icons.

Notion Cover Images for iPad in Portrait Mode

For iPad users in portrait mode, the Notion header area ideally fits a resized cover image of 1150px by 300px. This adjustment will give your Notion cover a perfect fit without any unwanted cropping of important details.

Notion Cover Image Sizes for iPad in Landscape Mode

In landscape mode on the iPad, Notion automatically crops the sides of your cover image. To prevent this, use the 1545px by 300px canvas and place your header image within a 1150px by 190px section. This will ensure that your cover image isn’t cropped on any device.

How to write Midjourney prompts for Notion cover images

Creating compelling cover images for your Notion workspaces using Midjourney’s AI involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

How to Change the Aspect Ratio in Midjourney

Midjourney gives you the flexibility to customize the aspect ratio of the generated image. To alter the ratio, all you need to do is append —ar [ratio] at the end of your prompt. For instance, if you want to create a landscape painting of a rural town in Spain with an aspect ratio of 3:2, you’d write:

A landscape painting of a rural town in Spain —ar 3:2.

Generating a Notion Cover Image in Midjourney

Now, let’s generate a Notion cover image using a specific prompt. For your first image, use the following instruction:

a black and white childrens cartoon of a teacher teaching a class of high school kids --ar 5:1 --v 5.2 --s 50.

Midjourney presents you with four different output options to choose from. However, you might notice black spots in your images, which we’ll address in the following step.

How to Fix Black Block Areas in Midjourney

In the case of black spots appearing in your generated images, follow these steps to correct them:

  1. Start by upscaling one of the images. To do this, simply click on U4 beside the chosen image.

You’ll see that the image is now upscaled, but the black spots remain.

  1. Next, select the zoom out function. This tool enlarges the image’s field of view and typically fills in the gaps where the black spots were.

Upon applying the zoom-out function, the gaps should be effectively filled, as shown in the results.

The result

After following these steps, you’ll have a clean, black-spot-free, and compelling Notion cover image, all crafted effortlessly with Midjourney’s powerful generative AI capabilities. Enjoy personalizing your Notion workspace with unique cover images.

A list of midjourney prompt ideas for Notion covers


  1. A pop-art representation of a lively boardroom discussion –ar 5:1
  2. A collage-style image of a city skyline during peak hours –ar 5:1
  3. A minimalist illustration of a bustling convention center –ar 5:1
  4. A retro-style image of a creative office workspace with post-its –ar 5:1
  5. A graffiti-style motivational quote with vibrant typography –ar 5:1


  1. A classic oil painting style image of a university landmark building –ar 5:1
  2. A sketch-style image of a peaceful study room –ar 5:1
  3. A comic strip representation of a student studying for exams –ar 5:1
  4. A watercolor rendition of a lively university campus –ar 5:1
  5. A flat design illustration of a student’s desk with stationery –ar 5:1


  1. A charcoal sketch of a peaceful running track at dawn –ar 5:1
  2. A film noir styled shot of an intense gym workout –ar 5:1
  3. A pastel sketch of a morning yoga session –ar 5:1
  4. A digital pop-art image of a group fitness class –ar 5:1
  5. A cubist style image of a beautifully presented healthy meal –ar 5:1


  1. A sketch-style image of a cozy campfire under the stars –ar 5:1
  2. A watercolor panorama of a famous world landmark –ar 5:1
  3. A mosaic-style image of a European cafe street scene –ar 5:1
  4. A graffiti-style photo of a bustling exotic market –ar 5:1
  5. A dreamy Impressionist-style sunset over a tranquil beach –ar 5:1


  1. A pointillist style image of a famous sculpture –ar 5:1
  2. A surrealistic image of a well-known art museum –ar 5:1
  3. A Polaroid-style snapshot of a busy artist’s studio –ar 5:1
  4. A pop-art photo of a lively theater performance –ar 5:1
  5. A close-up pencil sketch of a painter’s palette and brush –ar 5:1


  1. A steampunk styled image of a lab with microscopes –ar 5:1
  2. A vintage comic book style image of an astronaut in space –ar 5:1
  3. An abstract geometric representation of DNA strands –ar 5:1
  4. A sepia-toned photo of a scientific experiment in progress –ar 5:1
  5. A chalk sketch image of a complex mathematical equation –ar 5:1


  1. A surrealist illustration of a fairytale landscape –ar 5:1
  2. A stained glass style image of a bookshelf –ar 5:1
  3. A vintage photo filter applied to a classic typewriter –ar 5:1
  4. A manga-style depiction of a writer in deep thought –ar 5:1
  5. A pop art snap of an open book with a steaming cup of coffee –ar 5:1


  1. A cyberpunk style image of streaming computer code –ar 5:1
  2. A futuristic cityscape in neon noir style –ar 5:1
  3. An image of hands typing on a keyboard with a glitch art style –ar 5:1
  4. A minimalist style image of a robot interacting with humans –ar 5:1
  5. A 3D rendered image of a drone in flight –ar 5:1


  1. A 2D animation style image of a wind farm at sunset –ar 5:1
  2. A silhouette styled image of a forest canopy –ar 5:1
  3. A mosaic of a wildlife action shot –ar 5:1
  4. A hyperrealistic painting of a pristine mountain lake –ar 5:1
  5. A gritty, high-contrast photo of a melting glacier –ar 5:1


  1. A cartoon-style rendition of a gourmet dish –ar 5:1
  2. A vintage style photo of a kitchen with fresh produce –ar 5:1
  3. A pop art style image of hands expertly kneading dough –ar 5:1
  4. A photorealistic rendering of a culinary masterpiece in progress –ar 5:1
  5. A rustic, country-style image of a family meal spread –ar 5:1
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