7 Best AI Chatbots For Your Website – Ranked (August 2023)

Here is a list of the 7 best Chatbots that will take your customer service to the next level

  1. Lexy: AI chatbot that’s trained on Notion pages
  2. Kommunicate: Unleash the Power of No-Code Builder
  3. Ada: The Go-to Chatbot for Large-Scale E-commerce Brands
  4. Drift: Ideal for Businesses with Complex User Journeys
  5. Intercom: The Powerhouse of Bot Customization
  6. Botsify: A Multilingual Maestro for Global Reach
  7. Zendesk: Streamlined Solution for Businesses with Large Agent Teams


Stepping into the digital realm of customer service may seem intimidating, but it’s a journey made significantly easier with AI-powered chatbots. These advanced tools blend cutting-edge technology with personalized interaction to deliver a seamless customer service experience.

Revealing industry insights, a recent survey discloses that 79% of customer service professionals deem AI and automation as critical components of their overarching strategy. The ability of AI to manage initial customer interactions frees businesses to invest their resources in other crucial areas. This isn’t merely a notion; a robust 84% of professionals acknowledge the substantial enhancements AI brings to customer experience.

So let’s cut through the noise and dive into the compelling specifics of the top AI chatbots revolutionizing the customer service landscape.

Evaluting chatbots on the companies own website

One of the most telling ways to judge a chatbot’s AI prowess is to let it do what it claims to do – interact with customers intelligently. Given this, we’ve decided to go one step further in our review process. We’ve subjected each of these AI chatbots to a series of interactions on their own websites, thereby putting their conversational capabilities to the real test. After all, if a company isn’t harnessing the potential of its own AI, how can it promise to deliver the same to its customers?

What is an AI chatbot?

In the sphere of website customer service, AI chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses engage with users. These advanced programs are designed to interact using natural language, learning and improving from each customer encounter. The past year has witnessed AI chatbots evolving from mere responsive entities to semi-autonomous conversationalists, with several companies launching these groundbreaking tools.

Serving as intelligent assistants, they automate a multitude of tasks, from providing instant answers to guiding users through processes. By managing routine interactions, they ensure round-the-clock support while allowing human agents to focus on more nuanced queries. Their ability to deliver swift and efficient service has positioned AI chatbots as indispensable for modern customer service.

Can you use ChatGPT for customer service?

While ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a sophisticated language model capable of generating human-like text based on given prompts, it’s not specifically designed for customer service. Its functionality is more focused on generating conversational text rather than processing and responding to user-specific inquiries, a critical function in customer service.

1. Lexy: The AI chatbot connected to Notion

Free version available

Lexy AI chatbot test:

Lexy’s training relies on the data available in your Notion pages. Its effectiveness in providing accurate responses is directly linked to the quality of information within those Notion pages. The good news is, keeping Lexy up-to-date is a breeze, as you can conveniently make updates directly within Notion itself.

Lexy is incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up. To get started, all you need to do is sign up with Notion and link it to the specific pages you want to train it on. Once connected, you can deploy Lexy wherever you require its services, whether it’s for customer support, sales, or any other task you have in mind. It will be up and running in no time, ready to assist with your needs!

Key Features:

Notion’s best friend: Lexy connects directly to Notion, so you don’t need another app to upload information to.

True AI Learning: It doesn’t just respond, it learns from Notion pages and you can constantly update its knowledge base when you need.

Instant Setup: With Lexy, just connect it to your knowledge base in Notion. No coding needed, you’ll be up and running in under two minutes.

Potential Downside: A Notion account and your information stored in Notion is required.

2. Kommunicate: Real-Time Support

Starting at $40/month

Kommunicate AI chatbot test:

Kommunicate swiftly understood my query and provided an immediate response.

Kommunicate excels at offering real-time, proactive support, with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Key Features:

Conversational AI and NLP: Its AI and NLP capabilities automate customer support, answering FAQs or routing customers to the appropriate agent.

Integration Options: Kommunicate can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Advanced Analytics: It provides customer interaction metrics and support analytics.

Potential Downside: The extensive automation may limit the personal human touch in certain customer interactions.

3.   Ada: The Global Assistant

Price available on request

Ada AI chatbot test:

Ada presented me with three choices, seeking additional clarity. Upon my selection, it proceeded to offer a canned response.

Ada offers automated AI chatbot support in over 50 languages, making it ideal for international businesses.

Key Features:

Resolution Engine: Ada uses it’s openAI’s GPT to help you build bots that solve customer queries.

Intent Detection: It understands context and personalizes conversations using profiles and metadata.

Business Data Connection: Ada is connected to your business’s crucial data, providing appropriate solutions.

Potential Downside: Onboarding requires assistance from an account manager and technical team.

4. Drift: Conversation in Context

Starting at $2500/month

Drift AI chatbot test:

Drift responded with a generic answer that didn’t correlate to my query, and recommended I converse with a human agent instead.

Drift provides an automation-powered bot that understands and communicates based on the context of the conversation, albeit at a high price.

Key Features:

Context-Based Chat: Drift’s AI chatbot categorizes conversations based on context for more meaningful interactions.

Context Switching: It can adapt to changes in conversation flow or subject, maintaining a natural conversation.

Customizable Chat Widget: With Drift, you get a customizable chat widget compatible with mobile and desktop platforms.

Potential Downside: The price may be prohibitive for small to medium businesses.

5. Intercom: Tailored Customer Interactions

Starting at $74/month

Intercom AI chatbot test:

Intercom initiated our conversation by questioning whether I was an existing customer, then promptly tried to redirect me towards their sales team, asking for my email address.

Intercom’s chatbot utilizes machine learning and behavioral data to provide personalized responses, though it could be a tad limiting for niche businesses.

Key Features:

Behavior-Based Responses: Intercom focuses on creating custom messages based on visitor behavior for a more personalized customer interaction.

Data-Driven Learning: Intercom uses your business data to train its bot to answer questions specific to your business.

Code-Free Builder: Intercom comes with an easy-to-use bot builder and 250+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Potential Downside: Intercom’s pricing may seem steep, particularly for smaller businesses or startups.

6. Botsify: The Multilingual Maestro

Starting at $49/month

Botsify AI chatbot test:

Botsify was unable to respond to any inquiries made on their website. The platform simply stalled, leaving me with an endless spinning wheel and no replies.

Botsify’s easy-to-use, multilingual chatbot builder stands out for businesses catering to a global audience, although its features could be a bit basic for complex tasks.

Key Features:

Self-Learning Chatbot: Botsify’s AI and ML-powered chatbot learn with each interaction, providing a more personalized service.

Chatbot Forms: Botsify enables data collection for lead nurturing and better customer interactions.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Integrate Botsify across multiple platforms – website, messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WordPress, and SMS.

Potential Downside: The integration process can be time-consuming, and the bot might not handle very complex queries.

7. Zendesk: Omnichannel Conversations

Starting at $49/month per agent

Zendesk AI chatbot test:

Zendesk struggled to comprehend the query and was unable to locate a suitable resource to assist. Instead, it directed me towards a live agent for further help.

Zendesk Answer Bot integrates with your existing knowledge base for quality omnichannel conversations but might be pricy for large teams.

Key Features:

Custom AI-Powered Flows: Zendesk offers a Flow Builder for customized conversation flows.

Deep Learning: It uses deep learning to understand user intent and offer accurate responses.

Human Agent Escalation: In case of complex queries, it escalates the matter to a live agent, providing insights and suggestions for faster problem resolution.

Potential Downside: The per-agent pricing can quickly add up for larger customer service teams.


As we reach the end of our comprehensive exploration of the top AI chatbots for customer service, it becomes clear that each platform comes with its own unique strengths tailored for diverse business needs.

“Lexy” is an exceptional AI chatbot designed to seamlessly integrate with Notion. Its remarkable conversational capabilities and intuitive connection to Notion make it a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer interactions and communication automation.

“Kommunicate” and “Ada” both offer formidable platforms for businesses seeking an easy, no-code chatbot builder and large-scale e-commerce respectively. Ada’s ability to handle multiple languages across various channels makes it a preferred choice for large-scale eCommerce brands looking to deliver personalized customer experiences.

“Drift”, with its focus on complex user journeys, “Intercom” with its extensive customization, and “Botsify” with its multilingual capabilities, all offer unique value propositions for businesses with specific needs.

Finally, “Zendesk” presents a streamlined solution for businesses with a large agent team. Its smart combination of human agents and AI makes it ideal for businesses seeking to blend automated and human assistance.

Remember, the best AI chatbot is the one that aligns perfectly with your business needs, goals, and customer expectations. While this list provides a great starting point, you should consider your specific requirements, do a trial run, and evaluate the performance of these tools in real-time scenarios before making a decision.

With the right AI chatbot, you are not only investing in a tool but a solution that will enhance your customer service, improve operational efficiency, and set your business on a path to success.

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